P507(PC88A) and N235 (TAA) extraction of rare earths basic process

Tributyl phosphate (TBP)

& Leaching – leaching of rare earth ores generally take ammonium sulfate as the leaching  solution, and finally produce a leaching    solution containing rare earth mineral ions.Leaching solution containing rare earth ions  & Extraction – rare earth leaching solution for extraction and separation of metal ions; can be through the P507 – N235 (trioctyl […]

Application of D2EHPA

Application of D2EHPA

Di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) is an organophosphorus compound that belongs to the family of phosphoric acid esters. It is commonly used as an extractant in solvent extraction processes, particularly in the hydrometallurgical industry for the separation and purification of metals.   Metal Extraction D2EHPA is widely used as an extractant in solvent extraction processes for the separation […]

Hydrometallurgical Nickel Cobalt Hydroxide

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Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate is a nickel smelting intermediate with a nickel content of typically 34-55% and a cobalt content of typically 1-4.5%.   The nickel content is usually 34-55% and cobalt content is usually 1-4.5%. The wet smelting process of nickel laterite ore mainly includes reduction roasting-ammonia leaching (Caron),High-pressure acid leaching (HPAL) and atmospheric pressure […]

Butyl Acrylate Uses

Butyl Acrylate Uses

Butyl acrylate is a synthetic chemical that has found its way into many industrial and consumer applications. With its unique properties, it has become a material for many uses. 1. One of the primary uses of butyl acrylate is in the production of adhesives and sealants. Its adhesive properties make it an excellent choice for bonding materials […]

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