Triisobutyl Phosphate (TIBP)


Ausgesinn Colorless to slightly light yellow liquid
Formel C12H27O4P
CAS Nr. 126-71-6
EC Nr. 204-798-3
HS CODE 2919900090
Content (%) ≥99
Dicht (20 ℃) ​​g/ml 0.9760—0.970
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) ≤0.1
Water(H2O)% ≤0.1
Refractive index(N20D) 1.4190—1.4200
Synonyme Tri-isobutylphosphateIsobutyl phosphate


Produkt beschreiwung

Brief introduction

Triisobutyl phosphate (abbreviation: TiBP) is a phosphate ester ,

which is an isomer of tri-n-butyl phosphate.


DefoamerDyeFlame retardantHydraulic fluidPlasticizer

Processing aids

Main production process

Triisobutyl phosphate is obtained from the reaction of phosphorus oxychloride

and isobutanol

Packaging and Storage

Package: Once the TIBP has been produced and refined, it is packaged into

suitable containers, such as Galvanized drums(200kg) or IBC drum(1000kg).

Stockage: Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

Inspektioun Prozess

1. Incoming inspection: D'Haaptrei Matière première, gi fir hiren Inhalt iwwerpréift, appearance and

other main properties.

2. Feeding inspection: The principle of raw material feeding is first-in-first-out, and the appearance

of the main raw materials is randomly inspected according to whether there is a big change in the

storage conditions before feeding.

3. Batch sampling in the production process: Während der Produktioun Prozess, the main indexes of

each batch of products: Inhalt an sauerem Wäert gëtt dräimol a verschiddenen Zäitperioden iwwerpréift.

4. Storage Inspection: All Batch (10 tonnen) gëtt virum Lagerung iwwerpréift.

5. Outbound inspection: No der Quantitéit vun de Clienten gefuerdert, the products will be

sampled and inspected.

6. Pre-shipment inspection: According to customer’s requirement, third party inspection can be

carried out on the products before shipment.

Inspection Method

Physical Appearance: Visual inspection

Purity Analysis: Gas chromatography (GC)

Acid Value: Potentiometric titration

Water Content: Moisture analyzers

Refractive Index: Refractometer

Density: Density meter



Packing & Delivery

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