P507(PC88A) and N235 (TAA) extraction of rare earths basic process

& Leaching – leaching of rare earth ores generally take ammonium sulfate as the leaching  solution,

and finally produce a leaching    solution containing rare earth mineral ions.Leaching solution

containing rare earth ions

 & Extraction – rare earth leaching solution for extraction and separation of metal ions; can be through

the P507 – N235 (trioctyl tertiary amine) rare earth extraction and  separation system;

1. Extraction: 507+N235+sulfonated kerosene is used as a complex extractant (organic phase) and

the mixed rare-earth leachate  obtained in the first step (aqueous phase) is fully integrated, resulting

in a loaded organic phase (organic phase containing rare-earth  ions).

2. Wash: The loaded organic phase is washed by water or acidic solution, mainly to clean the non-rare

earth ions in the organic phase.

3. Re-extraction: The washed loaded organic phase is re-extracted by hydrochloric acid as a re-extractant

to obtain the aqueous phase  containing rare earth ions.

 &  Precipitation: oxalic acid is usually used as a precipitant to precipitate rare earth chlorides

(i.e., the second step extracted solid containing rare earth ions)

 &   Roasting: Generation of single rare earth oxide products

Flowchart Of Rare Earth Extract 01

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