2,2-Bis(bromomethyl)propane-1, 3-diol (Cas:3296-90-0)


Appearance White or off-white crystalline powder
Formula C5H10Br2O2
CAS No. 3296-90-0
EC No. 221-967-7
Melting point °C 109
Density(20℃)g/ml 1.8049
Moisture(%) ≤0.1%
Purity(%) 98.5
Hs code 2905590090
Formula(g/ml) 261.94
Package 25kg/ Kraft paper bag
storage condition Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
Synonyms Pentaerythritol dibromid


Product Description

Brief  introduction

2,2-Bis(bromomethyl)propane-1,3-diol is a reactive flame retardant used in polymer

materials such as rigid ammonia foams, resins, and coatings.It is characterized by high

flame retardancy, light stability and transparency.

♦ Application

Its high bromine content and easy combination with polyurethane make it

particularly suitable for use in rigidpolyurethane foams. It is also increasingly

used in free-CFC foam systems to increase its flame retardant capability rating.


Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

Inspection Method

Physical Appearance: Visual inspection

Purity Analysis: Gas chromatography (GC)

Acid Value: Potentiometric titration

Water Content: Moisture analyzers

Refractive Index: Refractometer

Density: Density meter

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