Application of D2EHPA

Di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid (D2EHPA) is an organophosphorus compound that belongs to the family of phosphoric acid esters. It is commonly used as an extractant in solvent extraction processes, particularly in the hydrometallurgical industry for the separation and purification of metals.


Metal Extraction

D2EHPA is widely used as an extractant in solvent extraction processes for the separation and recovery of metals. It is particularly effective in extracting rare earth elements, uranium, copper, nickel, cobalt, and other metal ions from aqueous solutions. D2EHPA forms complexes with these metals, allowing for their selective extraction and subsequent purification.

Rare Earth Elements (REEs) Recovery

D2EHPA is extensively employed in the extraction of rare earth elements from their ores or concentrates. It is used to separate REEs from other impurities in a solvent extraction circuit. D2EHPA’s high selectivity for REEs enables the efficient recovery and purification of these valuable elements, which are crucial for numerous technological applications.

Uranium Extraction

D2EHPA plays a vital role in the extraction and purification of uranium, a key fuel material in nuclear power generation. It is employed in the separation of uranium from other elements in the ore processing stage. D2EHPA forms stable complexes with uranium ions, enabling their efficient extraction and subsequent recovery.

Metal Purification

D2EHPA is utilized for the purification of various metals obtained through hydrometallurgical processes. It helps in separating target metals from impurities, such as other metal ions or radioactive elements. D2EHPA’s selective extraction properties aid in obtaining high-purity metals suitable for further industrial use.

Metal Recycling

D2EHPA is also employed in the recycling of metals from industrial wastes, scrap materials, and electronic waste. It facilitates the extraction and separation of valuable metals, allowing for their recovery and reuse, thereby contributing to resource conservation and sustainability.

Analytical Chemistry

D2EHPA is utilized in analytical chemistry as a reagent for the determination of metal ions in aqueous solutions. It can form colored complexes with certain metal ions, enabling their quantitative analysis through spectrophotometric or colorimetric methods.

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