30+ Years Extractant and Intermediate Manufacturer Experience

Professional solutions, from production management to quality control, from packaging to transportation, from pre-sale to after-sale, better detail control, give customers better service!

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As a leading global supplier of extractants and intermediates, since supplying the first batch of products in the early 90’s,
Luoyang Zhongda Chemical has continuously endeavored to support the development and growth of each customer.

Why choose Zhongda

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Years in business

More than 30 years chemical
solution experience

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A professional chemical production management team of more than 200 people

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Tons delivered

Annual supply of more than
10,000 tons of specialized products

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At least 10 inspection procedures are carried out before each batch is shipped

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Supplying Zhongda products to customers in more than 20 countries

available from Zhongda

From samples to batches, Zhongda Chemical ensures superior quality and reliable functionality. With a wide selection of production-grade raw material as well as highly advanced on-demand manufacturing techniques, we offer high-quality products across several industries.

Luoyang Zhongda Chemical Brand


As the world’s leading manufacturer of extractants and intermediates with a complete range of products . Whether it is a 100g sample or a 1,000 ton mass production, customers can always get the most suitable solution from Zhongda Chemical.

Luoyang Zhongda Chemical Technology Lab


Carefully fulfill each and every term agreed upon in the contract;
Advance planning and strict control of delivery dates
Incoming material inspection, production process inspection, shipment inspection, pre-shipment inspection, the whole process of quality control
The corporate culture of sharp innovation makes the team united as never before.

zhongda chemical Port Transportation


Positive and timely pre-sale and after-sale service Let the customer get satisfied at the first time

zhongda chemical Port Transportation


From raw materials to finished products, from finished products to shipment, every detail is strictly controlled.
Taking into account the various situations that may arise in long-distance transportation.
We take advantage of the collaborative changes in multiple modes of packaging and transportation to take every precaution

zhongda chemical Team Building

Competitive Offer

Human resources, equipment, materials, production process, environmental control, etc.
Five aspects of continuous refinement of management.
Continuous optimization of production costs

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