Copper Extractant CP-150

Subject index
Density (25 ℃) 0.95-0.97
Vicsosity (cp) 25 ℃ <190
FIash Point(℃) >62
Staturated Loading Amount g/l ( 10v/0 ) 5.5-6.2
Extracting Kinetics (25 ℃) % 15s >85
Extracting Kinetics (25 ℃) % 30s >95
Back-extracting Kinetics (25 ℃) % 15s >95
Extracting Isotherm Point(25 ℃) g/l organic phase >4.3
Extracting Isotherm Point(25 ℃) g/l aqueous phase >1.7
Back-extracting Isotherm Point (25 ℃) g/l organic phase ≤ 2.3
Back-extracting Isotherm Point (25 ℃) g/l aqueous phase ≥ 32.0
Cu/Fe Selectivity >2000
Time of Phase Seperation(s) extraction <60
Time of Phase Seperation(s) Back-estraction <60
Solubility of the Extracting Complex No precipitates found in 24h


Product Description

 Brief introduction

Copper Extractant CP-150 is a chemical reagent used to extract pure copper

from copper-bearing minerals. It is an organic compound, usually an

organophosphorus compound. It can undergo specific chemical reactions to

extract copper ions from wastewater or copper-bearing wastes, as well as to

remove unwanted copper compounds from boilers and cooling systems.

Copper Extractant CP-150 is highly efficient and selective and can greatly

improve copper recovery.

♦ Application

It is a kind of copper-specific extracting agent,widely used to extraction of copper.


Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

Inspection Method

Physical Appearance: Visual inspection

Purity Analysis: Gas chromatography (GC)

Acid Value: Potentiometric titration

Water Content: Moisture analyzers

Refractive Index: Refractometer

Density: Density meter


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