Transparent nucleating agent NP828 (CAS 135861-56-2)


Appearance White Powder
Formula C24H30O6
CAS No. 135861-56-2
EC No. 413-110-2
Boiling point °C 245-255
Density(20℃)g/ml 1.195
Moisture(%) ≤0.1%
particle size(mesh ) ≥320
HS Code 2905440000
Addition amount(%) 0.18-0.24
Package 20kg/PE bag
storage condition Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
Synonyms dimethyldibenzylidene sorbitol,1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylobenzylideno) sorbitol


Product Description

Brief  introduction

NP-828 is a sorbitol-based transparent nucleating agent, a small amount added

to polypropylene can significantly improve the transparency of the product.

♦ Application

NP-828 is applied to homopolymerization and random copolymerization polypropylene,

which can significantly reduce the haze of PP products, improve the transparency and

surface gloss of products, improve the rigidity and heat resistance of materials, improve

the crystallization rate and crystallization temperature of PP, shorten the molding cycle of

products, and improve production efficiency. This product is insoluble in water,

non-toxic and tasteless, excellent heat resistance, can be used in the production of household

and food contact with high-grade transparent polypropylene products.


Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

Inspection Method

Physical Appearance: Visual inspection

Purity Analysis: Gas chromatography (GC)

Acid Value: Potentiometric titration

Water Content: Moisture analyzers

Refractive Index: Refractometer

Density: Density meter

Performance comparison

Not added NP 828 VS  Added 0.22% NP828 on Random  Copolyed PP Product

               Item    Unit Random  Copolyed PP Product
Not added added 0.22%
Nucleating Agent Addition % (wt) 0 0.22
Melt Mass Flow Rate g/10min 25 26
Tensile Yield Stress Mpa 28 30
Bending Modulus Mpa 1080 1260
Simply Supported Beam Impact Strength kJ/m 2 3.8 3.8
Load Deformation Temperature 83 87
Haze % (wt) 51.4 10.6


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