Appearance Slightly light yellow liquid
HS CODE 2919900090
Density(20℃)g/ml 0.95-0.99
Viscosity(CP,25℃) 10CP
Flash Point (℃) 200
Solubility for mixture of Cu and Cr ≥40g/l Cu
Extracting Kinetics (25℃)%   (30s) ≥95%
Back-extracting Kinetics (25℃)%  (30s) ≥95%
Maximum Copper Loading g/l <100g/l Cu
Back-extracting Isotherm Point (25℃)g/l  (Organic) ≤0.10
Time of Phase Separation(s)


Time of Phase Separation(s)


Packing 190kg Drum


Product Description

Brief  introduction

ZD54-100 is a copper extractant used for the extraction of copper from

aqueous ammonia leach solutions, It is a chemical compound that is commonly

used in the mining industry for copper extraction.

♦ Application

This product is an effective copper extractant commonly used to extract copper

from ammonia-based leach solutions from printed circuit boards, copper scrap,

copper alloys, and copper/lead flotsam.

Due to its low viscosity, organic phase loading at 35°C (v/v) can reach a Cu content

of 35 g/l, thus allowing the use of smaller solvent extraction systems compared to

oxime extractants.

The loaded organic phase can be back-extracted in a low-acid, high-copper solution,

which meets the operator’s varying needs for copper recovery from copper-rich back-extracts.


Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight

Inspection Method

Physical Appearance: Visual inspection

Purity Analysis: Gas chromatography (GC)

Acid Value: Potentiometric titration

Water Content: Moisture analyzers

Refractive Index: Refractometer

Density: Density meter



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